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Stable Diffusion Basics Course

Future technologies: turning ideas into visual art using artificial intelligence.

Why Stable Diffusion?

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Cool mentors

Our teachers are carefully selected - they are active IT specialists with 2+ years of teaching experience who know the approach to every child.

Invent and implement

Already in the first lesson, we will create a project and teach you how to apply knowledge in practice.

Don't be afraid of mistakes

We prepare children to present their results, defend their work and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Stable Diffusion for children over 10 years

This exciting course will help children learn artificial intelligence technologies to create unique illustrations, opening up opportunities to turn their creative ideas into visual art.

In total, the course consists of 16 50-minute lessons

Необязательно оплачивать все уроки сразу — можно разделить платеж по курсу на несколько частей.

What does the child learn?

As part of this course, children will explore the world of artificial intelligence used to create illustrations. They'll learn how AI can help visualize their ideas, from a simple sketch to a complete artistic image.

Trial lesson

1. Introduction to Stable Diffusion
2. Introduction to the generation environment/interface
3. Creating the first images

Module 1

1. Getting to know Img2Img and learning how to change finished images.

2. Learning the correct description of Prompt, and generating realistic and stylized images.

3. Introduction to and study of Inpainting models.

4. Generating a variety of popular people and mastering the use of LORA and Embeddings/Textual Inversions.

5. Correcting and correcting images.

6. Create high-quality horizontal and vertical images.

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Already in the first lesson, we'll dive into the basics of development and create a small project that your child will want to brag about.

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