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Computer literacy course

An educational journey into the world of computers and the Internet for the youngest researchers

Why computer literacy

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Cool mentors

Our teachers are carefully selected - they are active IT specialists with 2+ years of teaching experience who know the approach to every child.

Invent and implement

Already in the first lesson, we will create a project and teach you how to apply knowledge in practice.

Don't be afraid of mistakes

We prepare children to present their results, defend their work and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Computer literacy for children from 6 years old

This course is designed to introduce children to the world of computer literacy. During the lessons, we will get acquainted with basic computer programs and the principles of Internet safety. The course takes into account the child's age, level of understanding and individual interests.

There are a total of 8 50-minute lessons in the course

Необязательно оплачивать все уроки сразу — можно разделить платеж по курсу на несколько частей.

What does the child learn?

During the course, the child will learn the basics of working on a computer, learn about Internet safety, learn the basics of creating and editing text documents, working with images, and learn how to create their first web pages.

Trial lesson

  1. Introduction to the desktop device
  2. Mastering the concepts of “information” and “file”

Module 1

  1. Studying file types, learning how to structure files using folders, developing an understanding of how to store information in computer memory, learning how to use keyboard commands and the computer's search engine.
  2. Practicing working with a browser, saving files from the Internet, mastering the formulation of search queries.
  3. Create a mailbox, learn how to write emails and check incoming messages.
  4. Typing the first text in Google Docs, learning how to work with tables and styles, learning how to add images to text.
  5. Getting to know the structure of the presentation, mastering creating template slides and working with text, mastering the design of presentations.
  6. Applying the knowledge gained to create your own presentation on the chosen topic.
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Already in the first lesson, we'll dive into the basics of development and create a small project that your child will want to brag about.

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