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Unity Course

Help your teen go from being a simple player to creating their own fun games on the popular Unity platform!

Why Unity

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Cool mentors

Our teachers are carefully selected - they are active IT specialists with 2+ years of teaching experience who know the approach to every child.

Invent and implement

Already in the first lesson, we will create a project and teach you how to apply knowledge in practice.

Don't be afraid of mistakes

We prepare children to present their results, defend their work and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Unity: creating video games for 11-17 year olds

Unity is an engine that creates popular 3D games and websites using the C# programming language. Unity brings together Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile and The Forest

The course consists of 30 50-minute lessons

Необязательно оплачивать все уроки сразу — можно разделить платеж по курсу на несколько частей.

What does the child learn?

This course will teach your teenager how to work with all the basic elements of a game developer: from programming and working with sound to creating animation and 3D modeling.

Trial lesson

  1. Get to know the Unity development environment and create your first project.
  2. Working with primitive objects and materials.

Module 1

  1. Creating animations and working with sprites in the context of a 2D game.
  2. Introduction to modeling: creating a model of a tree and a house.
  3. The basics of working with dynamic lighting and various light sources.
  4. Studying how to work with a particle system and creating weather effects.
  5. Edit the map's landscape.
  6. Working with post-effects and creating a synthesizer simulator.
  7. Creating your own shader and the basics of working with the Shader Graph.

Module 2

  1. Writing the first lines of code and changing the position of an object in space using scripts.
  2. Working with the camera: attaching to a game object using code. Analysis of concepts: variables, data types, access modifiers.
  3. Determining the player's keystrokes through a script, setting up driving using new methods and vectors.
  4. Correcting errors in the project using the knowledge gained.
  5. Familiarity with the if-then operator and the implementation of basic logic in the project.
  6. Creating prefabs, checking keystrokes, and analyzing the else-if construct.
  7. Using arrays to create a list of objects and values, generating values using a random function.
  8. Repeating timer functions, displaying messages in the console, detecting collisions of objects.
  9. Using the skills of working with arrays and generating random numbers to correct errors in the project.

Module 3

  1. Make a jump by pressing the spacebar, setting the appearance of obstacles at time intervals, studying logical operators and Boolean variables.
  2. Adjusting the movement and petition of the environment based on the player's position, stopping the game when faced with obstacles.
  3. Creating animations for the player to run, jump, and die, using the not operator.
  4. Realizing particles at the player's feet when running, reproducing sounds when colliding with objects.
  5. Applying knowledge of physics, scrolling the background and creating special effects in a new project.
  6. Attach the camera to the focal point using the parent-child relationship, working with the object based on local coordinates.
  7. Changing the physical properties of an object to increase its elasticity, normalizing vectors to direct enemies at the player.
  8. Getting to know concatenation, using functions to make objects appear and disappear.
  9. Familiarization with the for cycle, increment, learning how to get the length of the list, implementing a system of enemy waves.
  10. Applying the knowledge gained to correct errors and set up a new project.
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Already in the first lesson, we'll dive into the basics of development and create a small project that your child will want to brag about.

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