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3D modeling course in Blender

Let your child create their own unique worlds and characters in Blender

Why Blender

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Cool mentors

Our teachers are carefully selected - they are active IT specialists with 2+ years of teaching experience who know the approach to every child.

Invent and implement

Already in the first lesson, we will create a project and teach you how to apply knowledge in practice.

Don't be afraid of mistakes

We prepare children to present their results, defend their work and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Blender course for children aged 12 to 18

The course is designed for kids who want to create their own 3D worlds and characters. It is designed to help children develop their creativity and gain useful skills in their future careers in 3D modeling.

The course consists of 40 50-minute sessions

Необязательно оплачивать все уроки сразу — можно разделить платеж по курсу на несколько частей.

What does the child learn?

Your child will learn the basics of 3D modeling, including working with polygons, creating 3D models, using light and animation, and visualizing models in Blender

Trial lesson

  1. Introduction to basic 3D modeling concepts and Blender software.
  2. The basics of the interface and navigation in Blender: Learn the basic functions of the Blender interface and navigation in 3D space.

Module 1

  1. Object transformation: studying techniques for moving, rotating and scaling objects in 3D space.
  2. Generating modifiers: an introduction to the concept of modifiers to automatically change the properties and shapes of objects.
  3. Deforming modifiers: using modifiers to creatively and accurately change the shape of objects.
  4. Introduction to polygonal modeling: introduction to the basic principles and techniques for creating 3D models from polygons.
  5. Continuation of the review of polygonal modeling: an additional immersion in polygonal modeling, the study of advanced techniques.
  6. The structure of 3D objects: studying polygons and their types, constructing a grid correctly, studying normals.

Module 2

  1. Model topology: The importance of proper topology when creating 3D models.
  2. Suitcase modeling - part 1: studying blocking, the first step in the modeling process.
  3. Modeling a suitcase - part 2: creating things inside the suitcase, detailing the internal contents.
  4. Suitcase modeling - part 3: in-depth model detailing.
  5. Modeling a suitcase — part 4: finalizing the model, adding final details, and optimizing.
  6. Practical classroom modeling: developing modeling skills in practice.
  7. Bass guitar modeling: continuation of practical modeling, implementation of a more complex project.

Module 3

1. Light sources in Blender.

2. Image Based Lightning. Illumination using images.

3. The basic principles of lighting in practice.

4. Tips and advanced practices for working with lighting.

5. Cinematic effects.

6. Portrait lighting.

7. Interior lighting.

8. Landscape lighting.

9. Product lighting.

Module 4

1. Introduction to Blender materials.

2. Working with Material Nodes.

3. Image Based Materials (IBM).

4. Procedural Materials

5. Advanced procedural materials.

6. Introduction to UV reaming.

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