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Python Programming Course

We will teach you how to write code, develop programs, create exciting games, and create algorithms in one of the most popular programming languages in the world from scratch!

Why Python

Progkids обучениеProgkids обучениеProgkids обучение

Cool mentors

Our teachers are carefully selected - they are active IT specialists with 2+ years of teaching experience who know the approach to every child.

Invent and implement

Already in the first lesson, we will create a project and teach you how to apply knowledge in practice.

Don't be afraid of mistakes

We prepare children to present their results, defend their work and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Python for kids ages 10 and up

The course is designed to help your child become a game programmer. The child will learn the basics of Python and use their skills to create their own games

The course consists of 24 lessons of 50 minutes

Необязательно оплачивать все уроки сразу — можно разделить платеж по курсу на несколько частей.

What does the child learn?

During the course, the child will learn basic programming concepts and skills, including working with cycles, conditions and functions. As a result, he will learn how to create his own projects and debug programs.

Trial lesson

1. General familiarity with Python's interface and core principles
2. Python input functions and data types
3. The Magician Project

Module 1

1. Mathematics and operators in Python
2. Methods for working with a string
3. String formatting
4. Checking conditions, if, else, elif operators

Module 2

1. The concepts of “list”, “index”, “slices”, methods of working with lists
2. Random module
3. Range function, start, stop, step arguments, Enumerate function
4. While loop - syntax and usage

Module 3

1. Working with files, creating a database
2. The concept of “function”, “function argument”, the “Honey Merchant” project
3. Unnamed functions, lambda operator
4. Introduction to the general idea of object-oriented programming

Module 4

1. Text, Radiobutton, Checkbutton, Listbox widgets
2. Bind method, event programming in Tkinter
3. Canvas: methods, identifiers, and tags
4. Geometric primitives

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Already in the first lesson, we'll dive into the basics of development and create a small project that your child will want to brag about.

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