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Test: What kind of blogger are you?

the child thought

Today we invite you and your child to take an exciting test. Find out which blogging trend is right for you!

Let's get started!

#1 What do you usually post on social media?

A. What I do every day

B. Your own stylish bows

C. What I cook or eat

G. New IT products

D. Photos of cats and sunsets

E. What I do with my own hands

W. Places I visit

Z. Book quotes

#2 What do you like to do in your spare time?

A. A little bit of everyone

B. Shopping

C. Searching for interesting recipes

G. I'm sitting at the computer

D. I'm waiting for Vaska the cat to take a funny pose to take a picture of him

E. I can do something

W. I'm studying maps and routes

Z. I'm reading

#3 What do you usually talk about with your best friend or girlfriend?

A. About everything and nothing

B. We discuss the latest fashion trends

C. About proper nutrition and calorie counting

G. About new gadgets

D. We don't talk, we look around in search of beautiful locations

E. About the benefits of a glue gun

W. About countries where you can go without a visa

Z. About how great it would be to be at Hogwarts

#4 What do you always carry with you?

A. Common items: keys, mirror, phone, wallet...

B. Perfume and fashion magazine

C. Recipe notebook

D. Photo camera

E. Camping paints and sketchbook

W. Postcards from a few of my favorite places

Z. The book I'm reading right now

#5 What gift would you be most happy about?

A. Something useful: a hair mask or shampoo, for example

B. For a fashion shopper

C. New frying pan

G. Cool device

D. Instant camera

E. Canvas or scrapbooking kit

W. New suitcase

Z. Victoria Lederman's new book

#6 Your morning starts with...

A. Chargers

B. Choosing an outfit for the day

C. Scrambled eggs

G. IT forum with the latest news

D. Selfie with a cat

E. Checks to see if all creative materials are available

W. Checks of promotions from various travel agencies

Z. Reading a new chapter in the book

#7 They want to interview you. What are you going to talk about first?

A. About my ordinary day

B. How I manage to combine incongruous prints in clothes

C. About how I accidentally came up with a new dish

G. About my new tablet

D. I'll show you a photo of a cat

E. About the painting I drew last week

W. About my trip to the mountains

Z. About a book that really inspired me

#8 Why would you like to blog?

A. I want people to know what a great life I've got

B. I want people to dress more stylishly

C. I want people to learn to cook delicious food

G. I want people to learn about new technologies

D. I want to share my favorite photos

E. I want people to see what I'm doing with my own hands

W. I want to show people beautiful places

Z. I want to talk about what I'm reading

Let's check the answers!

You have the most answers under A

You live a normal life, but is it that ordinary? I'm sure you've got something to say! Why not start a lifestyle blog: you'll see how many wonderful things happen to you every day.

You have the most answers under B

You love fashion and know firsthand what it means to dress stylishly. Other people need your experience and taste! You should definitely start a fashion blog.

You have the most answers under B

You love to eat, you love to experiment in the kitchen, and you're usually eager to try new recipes!

Why not start your own food blog?

You have the most answers under the letter G

You can't imagine your life without a computer and gadgets. You know everything about IT and you might even know how to program.

You should start a useful blog about computer technology and help others with advice.

You have the most answers under D

You don't part with your camera and see the world through your camera lens. You need to keep a photo blog and share your favorite photos with your followers!

You have the most answers under the letter E

You love making things with your own hands. You can't imagine life without colors, canvases and colored paper. You should start a creative or handmade blog to inspire others to be creative!

You have the most answers under F

Aren't you sitting still? Have you traveled half the world already? Share your unique experience with others. Starting a travel blog is an idea that will surely resonate in your heart!

You have the most answers under the letter Z

You love to dive into the world of stories, you know everything about the authors of your favorite books and can spend hours talking about the characters' actions.

Books that's what you should blog about!

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