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Minecraft firefighter minigame in Snap, a visual programming language

Firefighter minigame in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that allows players to build their own worlds and interact in them with other players around the world. One of the most interesting aspects of Minecraft is the ability to program and create your own games using programming languages. Snap! is an intuitive visual programming language based on the principle of dragging and dropping blocks of code.

Meet Snap!

Snap is a graphical programming language designed for creating interactive multimedia applications. It is based on the Scratch programming language and allows the user to create their own games and applications without knowing any other programming languages. Snap is used in Minecraft to create software modules that can interact with the game and change its behavior.

Install and configure Minecraft with Snap support!

To use Snap! in Minecraft, you need to install a special mod or server that supports a visual programming language. An example of such a server is RaspberryJuice, which supports Scratch and Snap! programming. Install the server and configure it according to the instructions.

Creating a simple project with Snap! for Minecraft

  1. Open Snap! in a browser and create a new project.

  2. Import Minecraft blocks provided by RaspberryJuice or other mods.

  3. Create a simple program that will run in Minecraft. For example, you can create a program that builds a small house or exchanges blocks around the player for different materials.

  4. Connect to your Minecraft server using connection blocks from Snap!.

  5. Run your program and watch the results in the game.

For example, this is what the Firefighter mini-game looks like on the snap:

Мини-игра «Пожарный» на снэпе

The essence of the game is simple: blocks of fire are placed on the field in random coordinates, the player's task is to extinguish the fire by standing on it.

The appearance of fire:

Появление огня Minecraft

To extinguish fire, just stand in the fire block, the program we wrote earlier will do the rest:

Тушение огня в Minecraft

Link to the Firefighter minigame. To open the link, register on the site.

Now you've learned about how to use the visual programming language Snap! in Minecraft to create modifications and automate gameplay. This is a great way to introduce children to programming, making it fun and accessible.

If you want to deepen your child's coding knowledge and develop their skills in using Snap! , we recommend signing up for a free trial lesson at our Progkids programming school for children. Our experienced teachers will help your child learn visual programming in the Minecraft gaming environment and develop creative thinking. Don't miss this opportunity to help your child discover the exciting world of coding with Snap!

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